$4.00 - $5.50


Tubes - 10ml- full size
Pens- 4 ml
Very moisturizing & smooth on the lips, no stickiness or tackiness !

How to apply: layer on your lips and do not rub it on little goes a long way!

Image of Neapolitan
Image of Quicksilver
Image of HONEY
Image of Autumn Leaves
Autumn Leaves
Image of Bora Bora Lip Plumper Duo
Bora Bora Lip Plumper Duo
Image of Butterfly Plumper Gloss
Butterfly Plumper Gloss
Image of Hot Coco Twist Pen
Hot Coco Twist Pen
Image of  CUSTOM Lip Duo
Image of Butterfly Gloss Tubes
Butterfly Gloss Tubes
Image of Butterfly Gloss
Butterfly Gloss
Image of The Brown Collection
The Brown Collection
Image of The Lemonades Bundle
The Lemonades Bundle
Image of Cherry Tinted Lip Plumper
Cherry Tinted Lip Plumper
Image of Rose Gold / Icy Wifey
Rose Gold / Icy Wifey
Image of ICY DIAMONDZ (beauty bundle )
ICY DIAMONDZ (beauty bundle )
Image of Barbie (beauty bundle )
Barbie (beauty bundle )
Image of Jelly Lip Plumper Duo
Jelly Lip Plumper Duo
Image of Kandi Korn
Kandi Korn
Image of Fantasia
Image of Pink Champagne
Pink Champagne
Image of Flower Infused Lip Gloss
Sold out
Flower Infused Lip Gloss
Image of Tender Lip
Tender Lip
Image of Three Tone Lemonade
Three Tone Lemonade
Image of Lip Gel
Lip Gel
Image of Penny
Image of Pretty In Pink
Pretty In Pink
Image of Peaches
Image of Jelly Lip Plumper Twist Pens
Jelly Lip Plumper Twist Pens
Image of Lip Plumper
Lip Plumper
Image of Gloss Twist Pen
Gloss Twist Pen
Image of Golden Hour
Golden Hour
Image of Jelly Lip Plumper
Jelly Lip Plumper
Image of Rose Gold
Rose Gold
Image of Valentine’s Day Gloss
On sale
Valentine’s Day Gloss
Image of Icy Wifey
Icy Wifey
Image of CCGLOSS Lemonades
CCGLOSS Lemonades
Image of Lip Plumper Pen
Lip Plumper Pen
Image of Holographic Twist Pen
Holographic Twist Pen
Image of Crown Tube Glosses
Crown Tube Glosses
Image of Cherry Lemonade Tint
Cherry Lemonade Tint
Image of Blush
Image of Hot Coco
Hot Coco
Image of Klear
Image of Vanilla
Image of Peach Lemonade
Peach Lemonade
Image of Strawberry Lemonade
Strawberry Lemonade
Image of Magic Honey Gloss
Magic Honey Gloss
Image of Roll On Lip Gloss
Roll On Lip Gloss
Image of Honey gloss
Honey gloss
Image of Clear Honey Gloss
Clear Honey Gloss
Image of Natural Shine Lip Gloss
Sold out
Natural Shine Lip Gloss
Image of Nude, Bow, Girly
Nude, Bow, Girly
Image of  Brownie
Image of Hot Mama & Wine
Hot Mama & Wine
Image of  24 Karat
24 Karat
Image of Poppin Holo
Poppin Holo
Image of  Bronze
Image of Echo
Image of Sheer
Image of Stardust
Image of Poppin Bubblegum
Poppin Bubblegum
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