Organic Deodorant Roll On

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Himalayan salt is super rich in minerals that nourish the skin and help it detox. They include magnesium, potassium, sodium and more.
Liquid Roll On

Antibacterial – It kills off bacteria germs that are the number one cause of bad body odor. When we sweat, it doesn’t stink but when the bacteria on skin mix up with the sweat is when the BO comes in full blast.
Neutralizes bad body odor – Salt absorbs the bad odor and neutralizes it.

Fresh clean skin – Himalayan salt also soaks up excess sebum and sweat on the skin, keeping it fresh and clean.
Includes : tea tree oil, lavender , geranium

Apply when desired and let it dry within 30 seconds before dressing !
Stay away from those store deodorant that is filled with chemicals !