Makeup Set Glo

$6.00 - $7.50

100ML Hypoallergenic unless you’re allergic to pigment

Makeup Set Glo 💧—absorbs immediately into your skin to deliver a radiant, even glow. Use it for a subtle bronze boost and a sparkles of shimmer.

Extends makeup wear, sets makeup & adds soft glowing makeup

Apply on bare skin to add a soft glow, soothing skin and to hydrate & balance the skin

Left to right : Champagne- gold and tint copper sparks shimmer finish/ Swarovski- diamond like sparks / Plain- completely no shimmer only the benefits

Includes 100% aloe Vera, cucumber extract, rosemary witch hazel !

Directions: Shake well & Spray to your face by a distance and let it dry in a few seconds!

Shake before use!
Keep in mind the product will settle separately because there is no chemical used in this product.